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APPS2Car New Air Vent Car Phone Mount is available now!

STRONGEST MAGNETS IN THE INDUSTRY Using GripMax, our proprietary magnetic technology features magnets composed of Nd2Fe14B that are 44% bigger (12mm vs 10mm diameter), 33% thicker (4mm vs 3mm), and 91% stronger (3.5kg vs. 1.8kg) than anything else on the market, APPS2Car Vent Mountisable to attach your phone to your air vent, and keep it there.


TRIPLE SECURE GRIP The 3M sticker attaches metal plate to your phone securely. The vent mount’s design provides an exceptionally secure pronged connection to your car’s air vent, with a unique reinforced internal structure that ensures the mount never separates from the vent. Finally, in between, the silicone base contains a proprietary GripMax magnet to tightly hold onto your mobile device. 

TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE A bundle includes two mounts (circular and rectangular) and eight magnetic plates in four different colors (gold, rose gold, black and silver).


UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY The Air vent mount comes in two shapes, to better fit a variety of devices and any case. With the muscle of our industry-leading magnets and the secure holding power of 3M stickers, the vent mount is strong enough to hold even the largest tablet or smart phone, including Apple, Android and Google devices.

LOW PROFILE, INTERFERENCE FREE The magnet attached to your device is low profile and guaranteed to NOT have a negative impact on your totally dope aesthetics, signal strength or battery.

THE FIRST IN ITS CLASS Apps2Car has engineered products for Spigen, Koomus and Waze. We proudly partnered with these brands after patenting magnetic phone grip technology in 2012, paving the way for hands-free, clamp-free phone mounting.

Air Vent Phone Holder, Magnetic Phone holder 

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